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Finding a Therapist
Shouldn't Be So Hard

I help you to find the right therapist
and not waste time and money
on therapy that
isn't even right for you.
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Hi, I'm Andrea M. Darcy, and my mission is to demystify the therapy world so you don't waste the time and money I did on your therapy journey. Or end up doing therapy that makes you worse, not better (been there, done that). 

As someone who did years of therapy, went to school to be a therapist, then spent the last ten years working with therapy and self-development companies, I know both sides of the therapy world fence. And while I see therapy as an amazing tool that can help save lives, I also feel that the therapy world has a lot to answer for, and keeps far too many secrets. 

It's time to make finding effective therapy easier, and to call on the therapy industry to be accountable and transparent. 

x Andrea

" I enjoyed our conversation very much and really appreciate the level of detail and the depths of wisdom you shared on all of the topics discussed. Truly an amazing experience!" -Tanya-

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